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Welcome to Sarazaar, (Pronunciation Sra-zaar from the Pashto word for Gold) home of the first of its kind, 24K gold infused highlighters.
Our products are innovative, on trend and cruelty free. We have our finger on the beauty pulse and we aim to provide quality products that are relevant to everyone 
Here at Sarazaar we endeavour to bring you the best quality products at reasonable prices. Quality is key to us, as is customer service. All of our products are cruelty free! and our cosmetics are manufactured in the UK/EU to strict EU regulations & Compliancy procedures. The pigments we use are of the highest purity so you get the maximum payoff
Knowing what was goes on our skin was key to us developing our brand. Gold is renowned for its benefits on the skin which is one of the reasons behind us adding it to the highlighters. Another reason is that it is pure luxury! I mean what girl doesn't want luxury!

     Ethically sourced products 


As a responsible & transparent cosmetics brand we want to be sure everyone is aware of where our cosmetics come from. We at Sarazaar are proud that all the raw materials that go into our cosmetics are traceable to the source. We are a regulated brand and all our products conform to strict EU criteria on product safety, ethical sources for our products and are 100% cruelty free.

As an relatively small independent brand, we are questioned more than any other brands regarding our practices, where our products come and whether they are “safe”. We hope this clarifies to everyone our standpoint. We work hard to maintain a high standard at Sarazaar and although we are an indie brand, we do things with passion and correctly. This is something we are immensely proud of.


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